Friday, March 13, 2009


(these are not organized very well, but here we go!)

Game Ideas

Awesome Wars - have all assets and some sound, just need programming magic!

Socket Bunny - Side scrolling adventure about a bunny that looks like an electrical plug, or make it into a puzzle game of sorts? Socket Bunnies of different shapes and sizes go together? Puzzle Side Scroller?

Turbo Pig - Feed the pig to make him fat and happy by making him eat the correct food as he tromps across the screen. Avoid bacon, ham and meat, or else he'll become crazed and you lose points.

Ali Ideas

Ninja Cat - Cat gets closer to screen and each level you get more cats. They attack the screen. Where's Waldo, or point and click adventure game idea?

Peaceful Games - like flow, have an organic shape that's 3D and sits in the middle of the screen and lights up a section of the shape. As it rotates you try and cover the entire shape with your finger and fill it up with light. Carve away at a shape and try to make a ball or an another shape, more complex.
-With only three cuts, try to make a shape - geometric or animal shapes.
-Additive and Subtractive gameplay, clay like

Cooking Mama-esque game -
Except you're making cool science experiments by putting together the ingredients to make a dinosaur, monster creator sort of game.

Little blocks of music, kind of instrument or rhythm, assorted pieces of music that you can add speed, rhythms, you try to match a piece of music with what you create with instruments, etc.

Comedic and thought provoking use of tools in game. Character moves through the world and picks stuff up that they came put together - point and click adventure game? The Incredible Machine? Grimm Fandango? Monkey Island? Combine with Raine's rolling skull panels idea.

Dream World: character that can't wake up, false awakening structure? Dream world, nuts things happen in game. You're being chased by a witch with a chainsaw and you become transparent. Ue dream logic to provoke gameplay. Chooe your own adventure game? Cool things is the abilities to do things you can't do normally. Touch oriented gameplay. Microgames? Storybased? Puzzle Game?

Small town - old woman standing on the roof and her mouth is open and these small spores infect the town and create a horror story, follows the towns-peoples lives. Following the characters in this town who are doing strange things, you're this ghost that are following the characters around and you can influence them because of that. Another gameplay idea - you move closer and closer and you click on a person and you shoot them. Exploratory game idea, you play as different characters. Kind of like Zork? You are not in complete control, you're hinting at what should be possible. Story would be the backbone of motivational structure. Have all of it fit contextually to what you're doing. Combine with structure of comic art panels flipping and moving?


Recognizable forms and symbols to the human psyche: Flash a word on the screen and you rotate the letters and you use that word to create monsters that fight other monsters.

Physics based tower tetris game, make a tower out of letters that, make a tower. Use letter robots to fight a city, meteors com down and destroy a tower. Like Boom Bloxs?

Multi-animal spinning toy game

Russian Doll game - something contained within dolls

Build things out of paper on the screen. Build a cheetah, build a blueprint correctly and the paper will fold up and create a cheetah. Many sheets of paper are used. Not origami. Simple puzzle zen game. Combine with clay idea to create soft and hard shapes?

Nieghbor hole - ???

Character is the most brilliant man ever - interesting person - interesting things happen to him, go back and forth in time and play through his life. Guy on his fun adventures. Ridiculous types of situations. Warioware type of structure, microgames, random stuff, showing off, it's a day in his life.

Dream Game: interesting to work with different effects in the dream world. Go through one door and come out another one.

See a map and you rotate it to reach goals - point of the boardgame is to power cities and you buy resources with an economy you manage. You power the most houses by the end of the game. Risk-esque game, strategy game without war.


Oregon Trailish game - Robot Dinosaurs traveling the Oregon Trail

Comic Panels - you pin and match panels together to help a skull find it's body. Use the iPhone to tilt for movement. Matching words, shapes, colors and weird puzzles. Could fit any type of story or thing into the structure.

Tell Cerebus not to eat yellow snow? - Mythology Game?

Baby gets shot out on a window and you go through life flying through the air until you fall into a grave. You go through life. Babies rotate around you and are used as your shields from enemies.
- Like Knights for the Saturn; simple 3D world
- Baby Shields
- Like Cube Runner - free iPhone game
- Rez game - vector based rail shooter fire shots with different musical beats.
- Pull and release your finger to fling things or fire shots. Like Mario Galaxy

Combine Gardening and blowing stuff up:
Ink blots that could be an explosion or a tree. Plant are sorts of seeds, and you get a unicorn or a school bus, or something. Farming strategy simulation - battle gophers, your neighbor, bad drought, locusts, floods - Warcraft esc.

Platformer: start out really tiny - you eat lightbugs and you eat lights everywhere as you get bigger, eventually eat the sun. Much like Katamari Damacy!

Ink splatter - that is your plant. Physics based game?

Storytelling Games Have in Common:
Witty Dialogue
Can't Die
None or little Violence
Care about the character at hand.


Gardening game: not enough to do?

Kenji Eno - iPhone games - one pixel enemies - find one pixel and touch it to win.

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