Sunday, March 29, 2009

It has begun

Yo yo yiggity yo. I've been messing around with the game engine a bit, by the end of today I'm trying to get a cube to do something with JavaScript. Wish me luck. On my way to accomplishing this goal, I found some help in the form of awesome websites:

This site has some good ideas and has some Unity3d resources:

This dude has a tutorial that explains how to take a mesh from Google Earth, import it into Sketch Up and then import that into Unity3d:

Here is a website talking about approaching Unity3d from a Flash developer's perspective:

There is indeed a z at the end of the title of this website and that is why it will succeed. Seriously though, there are a ton of great links on this page:

Funny thing, I randomly met the man who invented Wikipedia. He told me what the next incarnation of Wikipedia would be, and it was such a tongue twister I forgot it and haven't seen it developed yet. Thank goodness. Anyway, there is a Unity 3d wiki called UnifyWiki, it's ahsum:

Last but not least, some video tutorials from

Wish me luck.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by the site and writing about it. Have you checked out the new collection that we've put together at ? I try to keep it updated with a searchable collection of the unity tutorials so that you can get a more streamlined search that using google in general.