Monday, March 30, 2009

It Continues

So, I've been a busy boy. I watched quite a few Unity3d videos and actually found some that are such great resources that I thought I'd post more links with an update on my cube controller project. First links:

This has some pretty awesome explanations of how JavaScript interacts with Unity3d. I think that with Alison would be able to rock this, specifically when combined with the videos explaining how to attack the unity giant from a Flash Developer's perspective:

Upon further investigation, I found the link to be totally schweet and ahsum. It's got like 3+ hours of Unity3d high quality video tutorials with different lessons and multiple parts to the lessons which approach Unity3d from the ground up. It even starts goes into making objects in external programs and importing them into Unity3d. Seriously:

After all the research into Unity3d was done, this way determined to be the best introductory links by far. I would please ask that this series of 7 videos each between 3 to 8 minutes long, be watched. All 7 videos are accessible through this person's Vimeo account. Every video is solid gold.

Beyond that, I spent my night figuring out how to take my existing knowledge of JavaScript and learn the proper Unity3d version of it. At first it seemed a little strange, however I'm completely convinced that we can achieve almost any game type that we want with a combination of great assets and code.

Specifically, the Vimeo-account-link very quickly sets up cubes and shows how to manipulate them in a simple way by adding transformation along axes or pushing forces in directions using the internal physics engine.

I am still trying to gather as much information as possible, however I am very excited to begin experimenting. My largest concern was concerning how to link Objects and Functions. I determined that components are synonymous with Scripts --> JavaScript.

I am wondering if the group would like a simple explanation of all of the components of Unity3d and how they work?

I'd also like to quickly show the connection between Objects and their Functions in Unity3d by using very simple JavaScript. JavaScript is ridiculously powerful in Unity3d. I almost cannot believe it. These are good signs. Next, we meet on the day of Thor with our research. I would really love to test some cubes out on iPod Touch too. Speaking of which, I need to do some more research into the new iPhone SDK.

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  1. ugh. im lusting to get in unity's pants, but alas, i wont have much time for yet another 2 weeks. crikey.