Friday, March 20, 2009

Dreams of Makotako

When I woke up this morning, I saw that there was a new e-mail from Mako. I clicked on it and this is what I got: Japanese Urban Camoflague

I'm sure it'll be appreciated.

Last night was a big night for us. We shared some great ideas and had to make a decision. I was very scared that David was reading my thoughts, so now I've got a tin foil hat. All that I've gotta say is that great minds think alike and David and I do run Tall Club with a tall iron fist. Anyway, I think that our choice of the Dream themed game will garnish interesting individual and collaborative results.

Christina, you had mentioned that you had taken some notes from that game designer whose name I can't remember now, but if possible could you post the notes here for us to read?

Our meeting last night was awesome and I'm very excited to see what everyone thinks and makes concerning dreams. Please consider: characters, brief synopsis of story, visual aesthetic, gameplay and general ideas concerning dreams and your dreams to share with the group. It seems like we're at the gather as much info as possible stage concerning the Dream Project, so honestly, whatever people are able to suggest, use, bring, etc will be great to see and brainstorm with.

Don't forget to do some research and testing as well. I'd like to try out the software sometime this week. I believe that our next meeting is on Thursday at the 2d Cloud studio again. This is gonna be schweet.

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